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In Loving Memories Of

16 APRIL 2003 TILL 17 SEPTEMBER 2008)
Snowy, our sweet baby (beloved companion)

You came into our life, a pleasant surprise

A 2nd chance, your new hope

You brought us so much joy

We couldn't imagine life without you

How could you leave us so abruptly???

Why did you not wait for us??

You were young & healthy

Looking at your cold body, hurts...

Your fur was still soft & silky

Can't believe you're gone

It's hard to part with memories of you everywhere

Home will never be the same.

You gave us the strength to go to work every morning

Knowing you will be home to comfort us every night;

Your warm greetings never fail to chase away our weariness

We'll never forget your good & loving nature.

We'll miss you...

*Miss your white fur, light as cotton, soft as wool    *

*Miss your radiant yet sheepish smile
        *Miss your sparkling yet doleful eyes                      
*Miss the way you prance around like a bunny
*Miss the way u 'Sai Nai' for attention            
*Miss chasing after u for each grooming session      *

*Miss nagging after u for wasting food...      
All that's left are your memories in the house

Strands of your fur on the bed, in my laptop, on our clothes

Though you've stopped breathing

We'll always remember the soft touch of your body

We love you always Snowy

Though we're apart

You will always live in our hearts

Never replaced...

*Till we meet again...*

*Goodbye Snowy... *

*Dean Dean & Carine*
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