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------------------PETS CREMATION CENTER------------------
------------------PETS CREMATION CENTER------------------
I know you have to move on
I kept thinking about you
You are the closest thing to me
Before I met you, lonely was my best friend
When you are in my life, I am stronger than before.
Now that you are gone I know it's time to grow
Take good care my best friend, partner, love, daughter
for I will always be praying for you
I will walk with you like how I always do
You are never alone
Thanks for bringing so much joy into my life
Thanks for being there for me through ups and downs
I want to let you now that I am so proud of you
You have been tied down so long with Ade Lau
Thanks silly little fur ball
Now it's time to set you free
I love you... I really do

With lots of love,

Ade Lau (the proud owner of wag)

ps: you will always be remembered
------------------PETS CREMATION CENTER------------------
------------------PETS CREMATION CENTER------------------
In Loving Memory Of

(2004 TILL 16 AUG 2008)

Terry, thank you for your unconditional love
for the past 4 years.  

You'll be missed by all and
forever be remembered.