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In Loving Memory Of
(6th Jan 2002 - 22nd June 2008)

Thanks for all the fun and memories you have brought to the family.
We will always remember you.
Eat well in heaven!
I hope when you reincarnate you will be one of our relative!
Our companion for life!
Love you!
Thank you!

KK Ang and family
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In Loving Memory Of

Departed: 1st June 2008

Fifth Anniversary In Fond Remembrance Of Our Favourite Cat Pei Pei

Can't believe it.
During the one year, so many of our customers had asked for your whereabout.
It was with shock or regret that they received the news that you had passed away.
You will always be remembered by us and by those whom you had impressed.

May God Bless You
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In Loving Memory of

17 FEB 2002 TILL 25 JUN 2008

I thank God for bringing you to me to share our lives together.

I know you are now resting in peace, vitality and vigor in your place in heaven.

You will always be loved and buried deep in my heart.

Nobody can ever replace you in any part.

We will meet again at the rainbow bridge and we will cross  the bridge together again.

"9th Anniversary"
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In Loving Memory of

Departed on 29 JUNE 2008

My darling gal, mummy really miss you.

Miss those time that you will dash to me for your favourite biscuit.

Thanks you for the happy time you brought to us.

Daddy & Mummy Love you...

you are always in our hearts
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