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"Where memories live on graciously"
Dearest Ocean,

Although our time together was not very long,
still I want you to know that I think you are a wonderful boy.
Thanks to your godma,
I always get to see your happy pics and video,
which make me heartened to know
that you are so well taken care of,
and lived your life to the fullest.
Do be a good boy still over the rainbow bridge.

Love you lots, Yen
Zeus has been part of my family for over 12 years.
He has brought joy to not just our family but to everyone that he meets.
He has been a friend who was always there.
For those who knew him, he was always happy, always moving around when there's people.
And of course, no one can forget his fierce loyalty to food.
Whenever there was food to be found, he has never failed to be there.

Zeus was an incredibly strong dog.
I remember in 2010 when we discovered that he had a cancerous tumour on his neck,
he had to undergo surgery to remove it.
When we collected him from the vet, there were tubes hanging out from his neck
in order to drain the blood and we could see all the huge stitches on his neck.
But once we were home, he was up and running all over the place again,
as if the operation never happened at all.
It was one thing that remains etched firmly in my mind – his determination to get on with life.

Even the past few months, when he suffered arthritis on his hind legs, he never gave up.
He still bugged me every single day to go for his walk
even though he would only walk a short distance before he had to rest his legs.
It was very clear that he was struggling so much, but he was trying so hard to find the strength in his legs.
He was so small, yet he seemed so much stronger than so many of us,
so much more determined to live his life to the fullest.

We will miss you, and we will never forget how strong and determined you were to live your life.
Rest in peace Zeus.