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"Where memories live on graciously"
In Loving Memory Of

3 Dec 2007 ~ 4 Jun 2011

Losing you while
you were just 3 half was painful.
Watching you fade away
was a heart wrenching moment.
You have brought us countless joy and
you will always be part of our lives.
We love you always MaoMao.
In Loving Memory Of
Black Mummy Chinchilla
(MCK mother)

After blacky mummy(Mck mother) had passed away on 03/06/2011,
She had left two children mck brothers.
I miss her so much in the critical time.
I had cried for past five days and dream about her first time born in this world.
Past 10 years ago, We use have big family in the house but one by one had gone to heaven.
Sad to say that you are very weak cannot receive nutrient meal everyday.
I am trying to help you but no reponse from you.
Blacky mummy, I am sorry that we are no faith together to stay with you.
I know you are try your best to live longer to accompany me.
I had thought everyday hope you will live me in the new house at yishun for the year 2012.
I will pray more rosary for you.
I will try my best do more good deed and charity for you.
May you rest in peace sit in the right hand of the father in the heaven.
I hope you will happy in the heaven surround with all the heavenly angel.
I love you forever lasting life.
One of these day, we will meet together with all dead chinchilla ancestor in heaven.