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"Where memories live on graciously"
In Loving Memory Of
White Chip

23/1/2010 ~ 23/5/2011

From Mummy:

To my dearest White Chip,

I will never forget the days we spent together, the joyful memories we shared and the smiles you brought to us.
The memories we spent together for the past 1 year and 5 months will be etched deeply in my heart.
The few months before your death weren’t an easy moment.
You were diagnosed with cancer and bleed whenever it relapsed.
I brought you to various veterinary just to keep you by my side.

You were so strong, you never feared, never cried. Instead you pull yourself together
and live your moments with us to the fullest.
I will never forget the night before you left us.
It was 8 in the night and your sickness relapsed for the last time.
You totally became a vegetable, you were unable to move, run and eat.
You were like a rag doll, lying there so helplessly.
I held back my tears, held your hand and laid you in my palms.
I stroked your head gently with my finger.
You were in pain, yet you endured just to be with us.

When the clock hit 2am, you started bleeding and squeaking loudly in pain.
I broke down unable to hold back my tears.
I told you that it’s okay and if you see a beam of light walk through it and you will be no longer in pain.
I will never forget that morning you left me. I am glad I am with you through your last moment.
You taught me how to be strong.
White chip, I love you and you will always be kept in my heart.

You taught me to love again but now you’ve taken the love away. Love you.

- Yi Yi -