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"Where memories live on graciously"
Dogs have long been regarded as man’s best friend, a silent companion who always listens,
always happy to see you.  Shannelka Wavemaker was no different.

This is a tribute to Wave, who has just passed away and who had been our friend,
brother, son and companion in his 12 years with us.

I remember an incident when someone asked my mum how many children she has.
She asked in reply, “Do dogs count?”. To us, Wave held a very special place in our family.

I remember his cheekiness during his younger days,
when he would be willing to do anything for food.

I remember how much he loves his daily walks,
jumping up and down in anticipation when it's time for it.

I remember how he followed my sister everywhere and slept by her so that
when she got up to go somewhere else, he would know.

I remember how he always protected my sister so dearly,
that whenever we pretended to hit her, he would growl and jump at me.

I remember how we rushed him to the animal hospital one night when he got attacked by a stray dog
when my sister brought him for a walk. Albeit badly bitten, he was so calm and quiet.

I remember how obedient and intelligent he was, always alert with his pricked ears.
It was as though he understood what we were telling him.
He may be deaf during his last few months, but he never failed to be by your side.

Wave has been a huge part of our lives and he has forever left a deep imprint in our hearts.
He was more than just our best friend; he’s part of the family.

Rest in Peace, our Dearest Wave. We will never forget you.