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"Where memories live on graciously"
In Loving Memory Of

Departed on 30 October 2010

It had been a fantastic experience having you around, my pretty campbellina.
It just felt like yesterday that I have brought you home..
and then you left quietly leaving us all the fond memories we once had.
I hope you are happy with us and now happily with your family and friends.
Till the day we meet again my dear gal Caia.. be happy!

Love from all at home : The Yeo Family
In Loving Memory Of
MCK elderly brother

24 Aug 2008 ~ 20 Nov 2010

MCK, I love you very much. You are lovely since young until now.
You give alot of people happy and laughter.
You had done your part to make me happy and show me eat more meals.
Because of you, your daddy and I had tried to work hard earn more money for you.
I always tell you our house is going to build finish in the year 2012.
We can leave this bad house and go new house in yishun.
I had toerate my suffer and look down by all the bosses for so many years to get a new house for you.
I had work hard for my temp job assignment so that I have enough money to buy you new house.
I know past few days very busy and lack of your care and concern.
I had many things happen for the past few days.
I am very stress and tired.
I did not sleep well.
You had gave me a comfort soul not to worry about this world.
I did not eat my meal properly and save money for you.
I know you do not want to stay this problem house.
I know where is your pain.
I am sorry for my grave mistake.
I wish you can bring me along with you.
I wish not to let you have suffer in this problem house.
MCK, I am sorry that we’re not fated to stay together.
I know you’ve tried your best to live longer to accompany me.
I will pray more rosary for you & try my best doing more
good deeds and charity for your good karma.
May you rest in peace, sit in the right hand of the father in the heaven.
I hope you will happy in the heaven surrounded with all the heavenly angels.
I love you forever till eternity.
Till we meet again with your lovely mother at the rainbow bridge.
I wish to go with you now.
I will meet you there in my dream.
In Loving Memory Of

15 Feb 1995 - 22 Nov 2010

Chanel is the sweetest and bravest,
the most obedient and pretty chanel alive

We will never forget the years of joys and happiness you had brought to us.
You will always be our girl.
We miss you dearly and that fond memories of yours
will always live in our hearts forever.

We love you so much... Rest in peace nel nel.