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"Where memories live on graciously"
In Loving Memory Of
Chocolate Lee

1st May 2001 ~ 22nd Sept 2010


Remember It wasn't you that I wanted to bring but your Mama insisted?
Thank God and thank your Mama that it was you that we've brought home.

Remember that I actually named you as Amelia but it was changed because
someone mentioned that your character cannot carry this name?
Thank that someone for the name given.

Papa want to let you know that I have and
will always treat you as my daughter and my sweetheart.
I really really miss you!

All the adorable, sweet, mischievous, naughty, "stupid"things that you have done
will always be remembered and treasured in our memories forever.

Rest assured that Pepper will be well taken care and
we will make sure that she lives happily everyday.

You will always be a part of our family. We will meet again one day :)


Papa, Uncle, Auntie, Pepper