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"Where memories live on graciously"
In Loving Memory Of

2 August 2008 ~ 22 August 2010

You & Mochi were my first real pets, and I will never forget you as long as I live.
I'd always hold you in that special place in my heart.
I'll miss the lively expression in your eyes and your luscious snow-white fur too.
I'm sorry I never got to spend enough time with you through to your last breath.
Know that I love you so much I wish I could get you back.
I will be praying for God to bless you every minute of the day and
I hope you are happy in hammie heaven.

R.I.P Pudding.

Missing you each and every day,
Issie K.
In Loving Memory Of

Departed on 25th August 2010 at 0615hrs

You have been absolutely incredible.
You have brought us countless moments of joy,
and have always been the sweetest most tolerant being in the household.

Your antics never failed to make us laugh and love you even more.

Like how you always licked Dominic's fingers while he slept and then later played with him,
Your buddy Dominic will miss you plenty.

How you tolerated Edward 'squishing' you at every opportunity. Papa is sorry if he worked you up all the time.

How much affection you had for Mummy Su, following her every move, and loving her so much.

We love you so much.

God Bless you always, and now we know you'll be in a better place. We will never forget you

"When you walked in on us, little did we know
The bonds that were made, were to shimmer and glow
Appearing like the sun on distant shore,
An empty void is filled so sure,
Laughter and joy, a reprimand or two
You always mattered, the feelings were true
Our last goodbyes said, with heavy hearts
But your destiny laid , higher above
So we will pray for you most loving companion
With faith and love that’s not usually imagined
Though you are gone in body and flesh,
You’ll be in our minds, and spirit, forever to rest.