In loving memory of Baby Wee
from 07 January 2000 to 25 July 2010.

We still remember the day when we first met you.

You were so shy and timid. You hid yourself behind the sofa, under the table & bed for nearly a week.
Slowly, you started to wag your tail and follow us wherever we go. Since then, you became part of our family member.

You’ve been with us for almost ten years.

The food we’ve shared, the strolls we've taken, the paths we've walked and the places we’ve gone are bits and pieces we did together.
Those days were filled with happiness and laughter.

The day when you left us, our hearts ached. We couldn’t bear to let you go. Your last breath and the last hug, we will never forget.
Life without you will never be the same again.

All the memories of you will be treasured and remembered forever. You will always be a part of our family member who will never be forgotten.

Baby, thanks for being our most gluttonous, lovable, faithful and greatest companion till the very end.

We will always love you.
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"Where memories live on graciously"
With Love,
Daddy, Mummy, Jiejie and Didi