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"Where memories live on graciously"
In Loving Memory Of
Gal Gal (Ler Ler)

23 Feb 2000 Till 28 Mar 2010

Our dearest Gal Gal, thank you for sharing your 10 years with us.
 We want to tell you how much we love you.
You are always our good girl, our cool girl, matured & tolerant.
We know what you have been through the past few months,
you don't know how brave you are, enduring pain with dignity.
You are a clever girl who always know how to communicate with us.
You always have your own ways to tell us what you want , esp.
during the time when you tried to tell mummy that you are not feeling well.
You are always so understanding & generous towards your brother boy boy
who always jump queue for our 'sayang' & 'anmo'.
We'll miss your welcoming us home everyday.
Though you are no longer with us,
memories shall bond us together eternally.

You will always live in the hearts of
Mummy, Gor Gor , Da JieJie & Xiao JieJie
and those who love you.
In Loving Memory Of

March 2008 ~ 13 March 2010

Boon, your half papa
I know that you wish to stay in your cosy home, with me playing with you almost daily
but i also believe you would be very happy up there with all those hamster friend of yours.
I've truely enjoyed the time with you. Thank you for everything.
Remember the phone i made for you? Remember to use it to 'call' me in my dreams or
something and i will play with you more, ok?
You are the guai-est of all hamster, jia you Tic.
To me and your godmother, you're a one in a million robo. Love you always.

Tic's silly godmother, Felice
Hi lil Tic, I'm sorry coz i couldn't come to you when you're sick and on your cremation day.
But I'm sure that you are happy up there with other hamsters and your siblings that you
never really meet in the world, and those in your owner's room.
You could climb all of the sunflower seeds rainbow up there,
without worrying about getting fatter and at the end you need to exercise
by running on the wheel. I'm sure you can take care your papa better
when you are up there. Tic you were a lil robo when i first met you,
but I'm sure you are one of the hamster that has the biggest heart.
Take care, don't be naughty.

Ah Lian
Rest well boi, be happy over the hamster land.

Tic, rest in peace and without sufferings. with love from your owner and friends.