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"Where memories live on graciously"
Joey, you have been our most faithful and Loyal friend in our family.
We set eyes on you in May 1999 when we chanced upon you in a pet shop.
You appeared like an Angel out of nowhere and destined to be our trusted pet since that day until you breathed
your last on 28th Dec 2009…

You have served us diligently throughout all these 10 years and 7 months in our family.
Through your gentle and forgiving nature, you have shown us what true love is made of!
Just like the ways you have given your tender loving care to your 5 puppies in year 2000.
Plus nurturing your two Godchildren’s in the similar manner as well.
Your smile and warm licks have always cheered everyone up in the family.
All these things now, have becomes memories that have been deeply etched within each one of our memory.
There is no more pain & suffering that you should bear physically now.
But rather, you will seek happiness in the Rainbow Bridge there now together with Chester Boy.
Barking joyfully and playing happily in a timeless universe!!!
A reunion and a place which now you called a new home…

We shall forever remember you as the most important special friend & family member in our family.
Gabby, Karen, Joseph, Papa, Joelynn & Paris will one day meet you and Chester Boy there
to continue our ultimate journey back to our real home with God……

Deeply missed by all of us at home!