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-----------------PETS CREMATION CENTER-------------------
Departed on

11 DECEMBER 2007
Departed on

31 MAY 2007
-----------------PETS CREMATION CENTER-------------------
In Loving Memory Of

Born on 11 Feb 1996

Departed on 17 Dec 2007
Throughout the 11 years, we have built a strong bond and
undescribable love.

You are a part of our family, a dearest son and a closest

You are always there to
greet us with your friendly barks,
cheer us up when we were down,
kiss us and show that you care,
look after the kids and keep them safe from harm,
buddy and play with the kids,
walk with us and be our passionate strolling partner,
eat with us and share the joyous feast,
sleep with us and be our morning call,
wave to us at the doorstep.

We will never forget the liveniness, happiness, memories of fun and
love that you have brought to us.

Please forgive us when we were not there for you at times and if we
have not showered you with enough care and attention.

There are tonnes of words that we want to say to you. Now that you
are gone, our hearts sank and we have lost part of our lives.

It's never the same anymore.

You will be deeply missed and unforgetable.
May the good lord bless and take you away from darkness.

Your spirit will continue to live in us, forever.

Neverending Love,
Dadi, Momi and all those who love you.