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In Loving Memory Of

Departed on 07 September 2009

Love is forever...
In Loving Memory Of
MCK baby

24 May 2009 ~ 16 Sept 2009

After the demise of MCK mother on 24/08/2009,
She had left behind her premature baby chinchilla.
She's so deeply missed that I had cried for 2 days and dreaming
of the scenario of her being born into this world.
Sad to say that since young you had been very weak and lacking of motherly care.
MCK baby, I am sorry that we’re not fated to stay together.
I know you’ve tried your best to live longer to accompany me.
I will pray more rosary for you & try my best doing more
good deeds and charity for your good karma.
May you rest in peace, sit in the right hand of the father in the heaven.
I hope you will happy in the heaven surrounded with all the heavenly angels.
I love you forever till eternity.
Till we meet again with your lovely mother at the rainbow bridge.
In Loving Memory Of
Kimberley Seah

10 September 1995 ~ 06 September 2009

My sweetest and dearest Kimberley, I will always remember and love you.
How I wish I can turn back time and that you can be with me forever.
I wish I never had to see that look in your eyes.
You really broke my heart when I realised that it is forever goodbye.
Till we meet again in heaven, my little sweetheart.

Loved, Missed and Always Remembered by Margaret