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"Where memories live on graciously"
Hey little buddy…
there you are, standing there,
waiting with your soft bright eyes,
and here you are, part of the family,

Hey little buddy…
Bobbie; that’s the name you chose,
with your little stumpy tail wagging off your butt,
with your first orange pillow toy,

Hey little buddy….
amazing high jumps & amusing stretches,
witty dashes & jolly motions,
those never fail to bring joy & laughter,

Hey little buddy…..
your gentle touches & your loving eyes,
your darling expressions & your sweetest smiles,
those never fail to melt our hearts,

Hey little buddy….
you taught us unconditional love & forgiveness,
you taught us unselfishness & loyalty,
you taught us patience & endurance,

Hey little buddy….
you have done so well,
we thank you; for you have never deserted us,
we thank you; for all the joy that you have brought us,

Hey.. dear little buddy,
it’s hard to come home; knowing that your perky dashes are no longer here,
we will miss you dearly,
Bobbie, we love you so much…..deeply in our hearts.