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"Where memories live on graciously"
You have always been our Faithful and Loyal Friend.
Throughout all these coming 9 years,
you have shown us unlimited love by your forgiving nature.

The smile on your face has always been our greatest motivation in life.
Being naughty and playful has constantly cheered up everyone in the family!
Feeling of closeness from you had already etched a very deep impression in everyone’s heart and memories.

We shall forever remember you as the most important special family member in our family.
All the fond memories since your birth day until the day you breathed your last at home
shall be kept by all of us whom have loved you so much!

Rainbow Bridge is now your new home and is the place where you will be playing and
barking joyfully in a timeless universe!  

Gabby, Karen, Myself (Joseph) and Papa will one day meet you there to continue our ultimate
journey back to our real home with God……

Deeply missed by all of us at home!
Sweet Memories of

Departed on 07 Septmeber 2009

You are tender and loving
With love and fun flowing abundantly into our lives
Will always be remembered by us with everlasting memories