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"Where memories live on graciously"
To My beloved Baby Girl, Ruby -  departed 3rd July 2009.

Leaving behind, Nancy Mummy and yr dearest Nanny-Letchimi.

Never thought that i would have to do this.
I thought that you will always be with us.

You brought so much joy and happiness to us..

You are the pillar of strength to me..A daughter to me..
A princess to me….A good girl to my mum.

How could i step into the house again
when you are no longer there,
waiting for us like you always do?

How could we ever sit down and eat again
when you are no longer at the foot of the table,
telling us you want to have a bite of whatever we are having?

Missing all the barks you made
whenever you needed my attention,

Please forgive me Ruby,
if I had not given you the more attention.

How you used to be over protective over me..
and never allowed anyone come near me,
except for you....

My dearest love. how can I go on without you?

Life would never be the same again ..

The moment you left,
you took with you a huge chunk of our hearts…

Though you cannot breathe anymore,

You live forever in our aching hearts.

Here’s to you Ruby ,

Rest in peace and please,

Sometimes….. remember me….come and look for me…..
and tell me you are here….with me…

Mummy Love you always and forever Ruby…..