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In Loving Memory Of

Departed on 28 Jan 2009
'Your last words were 'I love you'.

We weren't in time to let you know, as we always do,

'Biggi our Dearest Baby our Friend, we love you too'.

Its a joy and blessing to have you in our lives.

Thanks for bringing laughter, happiness and joy to the place you called home for the past 8 yrs.

Although you always wake me up from my sleep to open the door for you,

you bit me, you made me slipped on your pee pee,

you were also there when I was sad, despaired and had no one to talk to.

You gave me hugs whenever i needed.

If you're unaware, I cried, very badly.

You were always there watching over me when I sleep and I know you are tired now,

that's why you didn't want to wake up.

But I'm happy to know that you went to a better place.

Gentle yet domineering is what you are, never fail to make us laugh

at your sleeping posture and spinning around in await for your meals and fruits.

You're our brave, strong and pretty girl,

withstanding all the hardships that came your way.

May you have a better afterlife.

You may be gone from our lives so dearly but in our hearts you'll be forever near.

May we meet in a better rainbow's end....

Sorely missed by Daddy, Mummy, Kor Kors, Jie Jies, your husband and kids.

Rest assure we will take good care of your husband [Gizmo] and your kids
[Doby, Handsome & Pretty]

Rest in peace our Dearest Ah Ger....
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